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Preventing Florida Drunk Driving Accidents and Truck Accidents This Holiday Weekend

More than 40 agencies and many officers launched their “Hand Across the Border” campaign recently at the Florida and Alabama border. The campaign aims to increase the presence of law enforcement authorities on Florida’s roads during this holiday weekend in order to help prevent Florida car accidents and truck accidents.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the past year that the campaign was in place, there were fewer Florida drunk driving accidents and traffic accidents during the long weekend. According to law enforcement agencies, drunk driving is an especially severe problem during the last holiday weekend of the summer. As motorists hope to enjoy the final weekend of summer, they sometimes indulge in alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, that decision can easily lead to a Florida pedestrian accident, car accident, or other serious accident. When cars and trucks collide, the results tend to be even more dangerous and fatal. Trucks cannot stop as quickly as cars can, so an erratic motorist or truck driver can be an especial danger.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the message to motorists this holiday weekend is simple:

1) Do not drink and drive;
2) Plan ahead if you will be drinking this weekend.

Officers agree that planning ahead is key to driving safely. If you think you may be drinking, find a sober driver or plan to take a taxi or an alternative way home. Having more than one plan can be helpful, as well, if your initial plan fails. For example, if you cannot find a taxi because of high demand, consider finding a nearby motel or place to sleep until morning, when you can drive safely. Anything is better than driving drunk.

This weekend, police officers and law enforcement agencies from several states will be monitoring roads for drunk drivers and impaired drivers. In 2009, 23 fatal Florida car accidents took place on Labor Day weekend alone. In 13 of these accidents, alcohol played a role. As a result of such preventable tragedies, police agencies have taken a “zero tolerance” approach to drivers who are caught speeding, drinking and driving, or driving without a seat belt this weekend.