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Preventing Florida Eye Injuries

Each year, thousands of Florida eye injuries occur as a result of fires, sports injuries, accidents, and Florida car accidents. In fact, eye injuries are among the most difficult and common Florida personal injuries. Eye injuries can occur when chemicals or foreign matter enter the eye in most cases. Most Florida eye injuries take place in the home, workplace, or while playing sports.

Many Florida workers compensation claims, for example, are made due to eye injuries sustained at work. If you work near any eye hazards, speak with an industrial hygienist or your supervisors to find out which eye protection could be best for you. If you wear contacts or eye glasses, you will need to be especially careful. Contact lenses provide no protection and can still allow eyes to be injured by dust, gases, vapors, fumes, and other hazards. If you need corrective lenses, you will need eye protection which contains prescription lenses or you will need eye protection which fits over your prescription glasses.

In the workplace, there are several types of eye protection. For jobs with low risk of eye injuries, you can choose spectacles that have side-shields. Goggles are available for riskier jobs and provide more protection. When selecting eye protection, look for eyewear that is flexible enough to allow for a customized fit. As well, look for eye protection that covers a larger area and offers protection at the sides, top, and bottom as well as over part of your face. If you work near sparks or other dangers that are high risk, look for hooded ventilation, which protects the entire face area as well as the eye area. Helmets and face shields designed for welding offer the highest protection against eye injuries for the riskiest jobs.

Even when you are not at work, the risk of eye injuries remains high. In fact, about four out of ten Florida eye injuries occur in the home. The riskiest activities include: do-it-yourself projects, cooking, sports, cleaning or gardening with chemicals, and yard work. For household use, look for eye protection appropriate for the task. Your local sports store can help you find eye protection for your favorite sports while your local Florida hardware store can usually recommend safety eyewear for DIY projects at home.

If you do sustain an eye injury, get medical help at once. Often, if you can get medical attention quickly, you have a greater chance of saving the eye. If the eye injury is serious or you are at risk of losing your eye, call 911. Emergency operators in Florida can often help you manage your eye injury while you wait for emergency help to arrive.