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Preventing Florida Misdiagnosis and Medical Mistakes

According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, 98 000 people die each year across the country due to medical mistakes made in hospitals. Medical mistakes are an unfortunate problem with serious consequences. Cancer misdiagnosis in Florida, for example, can delay a treatment and can cause a death that could have been prevented. Florida misdiagnosis for other illnesses can cause complications when patients are given the wrong treatment. Preventable infections in hospitals and medicine errors can also cause serious complications and deaths. There are many things that can be done to stop these tragedies:

1) Greater awareness. When patients are aware of the risks of medical mistakes in hospitals and medical clinics, they often become more aware of their treatment, ask more questions, and stay alert. This can sometimes help prevent a misdiagnosis or problem.

2) A better system. Unfortunately, many medical facilities and medical professionals are reluctant to admit fault in cases of misdiagnosis and error, which means that such cases do not receive the investigations needed to prevent future problems. A system that holds doctors accountable and asks for changes could help reduce tragedies over time.

3) Florida medical malpractice cases. Unfortunately, it often takes legal action to shine a spotlight on problems with a particular hospital, clinic, or doctor. When families seek legal claims, judges often make recommendations to help prevent similar mistakes and problems in the future. Hospitals also are often forced to take steps as a result of litigation to improve patient safety.

4) Different legislation. In 2004, a bill of rights for patients was created in Florida and it was decided that doctors with multiple findings against them for patient safety violations would be punished. However, legislators can go further in protecting patients from harm.

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