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Preventing Florida Personal Injury Accidents by Being Responsible with Alcohol

Alcohol plays a big role at many late summer parties and at many dinners; unfortunately, it is also a contributing factor in many Florida truck accidents, traffic accidents, boating accidents, and personal injuries. Florida drunk driving accidents still claim too many lives, and accidents of all types are related to alcohol use:

1) Heat-related incidents. Alcohol is a diuretic and can dehydrate you. As well, it can impact your judgment and can make it harder for you to tell when you may be displaying signs of heat exhaustion. It is important to stay hydrated, remain in the shade, and avoid excessive alcohol consumption on hot days.

2) Drunk driving accidents. Florida drunk driving accidents claim many lives but are very preventable. If you know you will be drinking, make plans ahead of time for getting home. Designate a driver or leave some money in your wallet for a taxi or for public transportation. There are simply no excuses for drunk driving.

3) Boating accidents. Many Florida boating accidents are caused at least partly by alcohol consumption. According to the US Coast guard, 276 injuries nationwide and 124 boating fatalities in 2008 were caused by alcohol use. Never allow alcohol on board your watercraft and never boat after drinking.

4) Slip and fall accidents. Alcohol affects your motor skills, especially if you have an existing medical condition or are on medications that interact with alcohol. Alcohol use can cause you to fall over, which can lead to broken bones or even brain injuries if you fall on pavement.

5) Workplace accidents. Drinking on the job leads to workplace accidents each year in Florida. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption on the job can affect your eligibility for Florida workers compensation benefits and can get you into legal trouble at work. If you work in a dangerous environment, alcohol can be dangerous for you and your coworkers.