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Preventing Florida Truck Accident by Proper Equipment Towing

Each year, many Florida car accidents and truck accidents occur when heavy equipment comes flying off of trucks, causing traffic chaos. Trucks are often used to haul large loads, such as heavy equipment and tractors, but such loads can be tricky to secure correctly. Nevertheless, there are many things that truck drivers can do to help prevent Florida truck accidents:

1) Carefully counterweight any heavy equipment and properly mount and secure all attachments. Place the power-takeoff lever (if there is one) in neutral and do not operate attachments while the truck is moving.

2) Choose the right truck for the job. The truck needs to be large enough to handle the load to prevent rollovers and other accidents. The truck needs to be large enough so that the load can be hitched to the drawbar hitch points. When loads are hitched too high to compensate for a smaller truck, loads can overturn easily. It is also important to note the weight of a load when considering the size of the truck needed. Vehicles and equipment being towed or loaded should not weigh more than 4.5 times the weight of the towing unit.

3) Slow down. Some equipment and vehicles that need to be hauled have no brakes. This is especially dangerous because brakes provide an extra level of stability and security. When hauling vehicles or equipment that do not have brakes, it is important to put on flashers and drive slower than 20 mph. With heavy equipment, it is also important to slow down more gradually, as stopping distances are greater with heavier loads.

4) Use less traveled streets. This allows a driver to drive more slowly with a large load for safety while also causing less traffic congestion. Fewer vehicles on the roads also mean less cars in a truck’s blind spots and less risk if the load does slip.

5) Travel low and slow. Adjust the bucket to a low position and reduce speed, especially on rough roads and in bad weather. Drive slowly, and ease into stops and starts to avoid shifts in the weight.

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