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Preventing Hialeah Brain Injuries With Bicycle Helmets

Hialeah bicycle accidents can cause serious injury, including scrapes, broken bones, spinal injuries, and other serious injuries. Bicyclists are also subject to Hialeah head injuries, one of the most common types of injuries sustained by bicyclists – and among the most preventable. Research has shown that bike helmets can reduce the risk of severe head injury by 88%, but many bicyclists choose to run the risk of a Hialeah brain injury by not wearing a helmet properly. There are many things that can be done to help reduce the risk of a head injury:

1) Wear a helmet whenever skateboarding, biking, or roller-skating. If a helmet is going to help you prevent a serious Hialeah personal injury, you need to wear it all the time. Even just going once without a helmet can mean an injury if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident that once. Make it a habit to wear a helmet whenever engaging in any sport that requires it.

2) Make it easy to wear a helmet all the time. Get a helmet that it attractive and is comfortable, so that you do not mind wearing it. There are many style options today for helmets, so it is easy to shop around to find something you like. Consider buying more than one helmet, so that there is never an excuse not to wear one. Keep a helmet close to your bike, skateboard, roller-skates or any other item that requires the use of a helmet. You are more likely to wear a helmet if you don’t have to hunt for it.

3) Never buy a used helmet or use a helmet after it has been hit. Even if the helmet looks fine, it could have sustained damage inside and may not protect you in an accident.

4) Ensure a proper fit. The bottom rim of the helmet should be visible to you when you are wearing the helmet and look up. The straps should be comfortable under the ears and form a “v.” When you open your mouth wide when wearing a helmet, the helmet should cup the head. To compare fit, try on multiple helmets and have an experienced bicyclist or salesperson help you find the right fit.

5) Give your helmet the shake test. If you are in a Hialeah car accident when riding your bicycle, your helmet can only protect you if it stays on. Make sure that your helmet stays on even when you shake your head. If it does not, it is not the correct fit.

6) Secure the helmet with straps each time you wear it. Not using the straps is as bad as not wearing a helmet at all, since the helmet will likely fall off your head if you are in a Hialeah bicycle accident and offer no protection at all. In a bicycle accident, you are likely to be thrown from your bike, so it is important that your helmet stays on firmly.

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