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Preventing Injuries to Children and Minors at Water Parks

Florida has many water parks and theme parks offering water rides and slides. While these can be a great deal of fun, they can also pose dangers to children. Although all water parks take precautions to prevent injuries, brain injuries, dental injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other injuries are still a risk. Here’s how to keep your child safe at water parks:

1) Read the warning signs and follow them. The warning signs are there for a reason, so make sure that you read any warnings and follow them exactly. If certain clothing items are required, for example, make sure your children are wearing the right gear. If children are not allowed to stand up in a water ride, make sure they remain seated.

2) Make sure your children wear proper shoes near water slides and rides. Shoes should have good treads, since water parks inevitably have many slippery areas as water gets splashed everywhere. Encourage your children not to run near water slides and rides, where splashed water may make some surfaces slippery.

3) Only allow your children on water slides that are feet-first. Going down slides head-first puts your children at risk of dental damage and brain injury. Ensure that your children always slide down feet-first.

4) Pay attention to age and weight limits. Again, there are reasons for these limits. It may be useful to research a park before you go, to ensure that many slides and rides are available for your child. That way, your child won’t be disappointed to find many rides closed to him or her.

5) Encourage your children to take frequent breaks. Take regular breaks in the shade and make sure your child drinks something and reapplies sunscreen during these breaks. Breaks are important to ensure your child does not get too tired and does not develop cramps. Hydration can help prevent heat-related illness.

6) Have your children shower and bathe thoroughly after a trip to the water park. Although water parks have chlorinated water, all public places have germs, and water parks are no different. Make sure your child bathes thoroughly after a trip to the water park and dries off carefully – especially between the toes.