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Preventing Miami ATV Accidents Involving Children and Minors

ATVs are a cause of concern for pediatricians and emergency room doctors, since these vehicles are causing many Miami injuries to children and minors. In October of this year, two young boys in Liberty County were seriously injured while riding ATVs without adult supervision and without helmets. Many other accidents involving children on ATVs are reported across Florida and the US each year.

How to Stop ATV Accidents

There are many steps parents can take to reduce the risk of ATV accidents when children ride on these vehicles. Manufacturers of ATVs print checklists and information about the vehicles, including safety information. For example, ATVs are measured in CCs and there are limits are to what age groups are allowed to ride which level of CCs. Choosing an ATV with a CC too high for the age group makes the vehicle more difficult to control and makes it more likely that the ATV will be in a crash.

Florida laws require ATV riders under the age of 17 to only ride with adult supervision and only while on private property and while wearing a helmet. Yet, authorities say, many children who are seriously injured on ATVs are not wearing helmets at the time of the crash. Miami head injuries are a leading cause of ATV-related injuries and fatalities, so parents who allow their children to ride on ATVs should ensure that their children wear helmets at all times.

In many cases, ATV accidents also occur because children and riders choose to drive on regular streets rather than staying away from traffic areas. ATVs are designed for off-road riding and are not meant to share the road with larger vehicles. In a Miami car accident, an ATV has no chance due to the open nature of the vehicle and the smaller size of the vehicle. ATV riders in this type of accident are likely to stain serious and even fatal injuries.

Why ATV Accidents Occur

ATV accidents can also occur for many of the same reasons that Miami car accidents occur. Riders may be under the influence when they ride or may ignore traffic laws and signals. Riders may drive distracted or recklessly, increasing the risk of an ATV Miami traffic accident. Since ATVs are designed differently, there is a rollover risk with these vehicles, and since ATVs are often taken on rough terrain, the rougher terrain can also pose a rollover risk and accident risk.

ATV riders should follow all instructions that come with ATVs in order to stay safe on the roads. This means wearing helmets, riding ATVs where allowed, and generally using common sense. Children who ride ATVs should only do so under parental supervision. Many ATV accidents involving minors and children involve children who are riding without adult supervision. In addition, it is important for ATV riders to get experience and safety instruction before hopping on. The more experienced a rider is, the more likely they are to avoid accidents and serious injury.

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