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Preventing Miami Teen and Childhood Injuries at This Time of Year May Take Extra Diligence

At this time of year, teens are looking forward to proms, graduation, and other milestone events. While these are joyous occasions, each year teens are seriously injured and killed while driving to and from these events. As teens celebrate, drinking and reckless driving sometimes affect judgment and cause serious Miami car accidents as well as injuries to Miami minors and teens. There are several things that parents can do, however:

1) Make plans to ensure your teen is not in a Miami drunk driving accident. Many parents assume that their teen will not drink at prom or at graduation, but studies show that a majority of teens experiment at least a few times with alcohol and drugs before graduation. Even if a teen does not drink or do drugs, friends who are driving may, putting your child at risk. The best option is to discuss drinking with your child. Make sure that your teen has plenty of money for a cab as well as a list of contact numbers they can contact to get a safe ride home. Make sure that your teen knows that they will not be punished for contacting you for a safe ride home.

2) Consider leaving the driving to a professional. Renting a limousine is a tradition at many proms and graduations. It can also ensure that your teen does not need to worry about distracted driving or drunk driving. Just ensure that the limo service is reputable.

3) Find out what the school’s safety plans are. Most schools have policies in place to keep teens safe. Find out what the policies are and consider working with other parents to ensure that the planned events are as safe as possible.

4) Establish rules for the big night. These rules might include rules about distracted driving or rules about the number of passengers in your teen’s car. They may include a curfew or a specific time when your teen should check in with you by phone.

5) Make sure that any fireworks are taken care of by professionals. Shooting off fireworks can lead to Miami burn injuries, eye injuries, and other serious injuries. Make sure your teens know the dangers of fireworks and leave these types of displays to the professionals.

6) Sign a pledge with your child. Signing a pledge promising not to drive distracted or drunk can open up a discussion between you and your teen and can prompt your teen to make the right decisions before graduation.

7) Consider passengers. If your teen will be driving themselves to graduation, prom, graduation parties, and other events, consider limiting the number of teen passengers in your teen’s car. Recent studies have shown that the risk of car collisions increases with every teen passenger in a car. You may need to pay for transportation or arrange alternate transportation for your child and their friends, but it can help prevent distracted driving.

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