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Preventing Truck and Car Accidents Involving Small Children

All truck accidents are tragic and often result in fatalities and serious personal injuries. However, when a car or truck accident causes injuries to minors and children or kills a young child, it is especially tragic. Unfortunately, children are uniquely vulnerable to truck accidents and car accidents.

Children often play outside, where trucks may be backing up. Because children are small, truck drivers may often not see them in time. As well, children often do not pay attention to or understand the auditory signals trucks make when backing up. They may simply not know enough to get out of the way. Some children may in fact approach trucks out of a sense of curiosity, not comprehending the hazards of trucks. There are many things that parents can do, however, to keep their children safer:

1) Teach your children safety around trucks. Teach your children to keep away from trucks and teach them about the auditory signals trucks have. Show your children what to do when a truck approaches. The more your children know, the better prepared they are to be safe.

2) Teach teen drivers to use extra caution around trucks. Young drivers often learn to drive on quiet streets. While this is useful in helping new drivers learn about the basics in a quiet, safe environment, it does not allow new drivers to learn how to share the road with trucks. Make sure that your teen’s driving course teaches them how to drive safely around trucks and make sure that your driver’s course teaches them how to drive defensively.

3) Do not let your play in the front yard or driveway unsupervised. Trucks may pull up to your front yard regularly. For example, garbage trucks may stop in front of your home to collect your garbage and delivery trucks may also make stops in your front yard. Your child may inadvertently get too close to these vehicles. Keep children away from these areas, in fenced-off yard areas, or ensure that they are well supervised.

4) Teach children proper bicycle safety. Younger children are most likely to encounter trucks when riding their bicycles. Bicycle accidents involving trucks are almost always fatal, which is why it is crucial to teach your children how to share the road with trucks. As well, encourage your children to stick to bicycle lanes and bicycle paths, where they will be safer.