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Preventing Truck-Pedestrian Accidents

While trucking accidents involving passenger vehicles are often devastating in the fatalities and personal injuries they cause, pedestrian accidents involving trucks are especially disastrous. A pedestrian has simply no chance against a fully loaded commercial truck. The size and force of a truck usually do not just cause spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and other serious injuries. In virtually all cases, such an accident results in fatalities. There are many ways, luckily, that pedestrian accidents involving trucks can be prevented.

A great deal of the onus is on pedestrians. Pedestrians need to ensure that they are not taking undue risks around trucks. In general, since trucks and pedestrians are such a poor mix, pedestrians should steer clear of trucks entirely. Passing in between trucks, walking between trucks, or popping up suddenly in front of a truck is a recipe for disaster.

If you are walking in an area where trucks are present – such as a construction site, or a pedestrian area where trucks are parked — make sure that you make good eye contact with the truck driver. In many cases, truck drivers are focused on other vehicles and may not expect a pedestrian. Keep in mind to that trucks often take longer to brake than passenger vehicles. Wait until a truck driver waves you through in order to pass in front of a truck. A little patience can save your life.

In general, prevention is the best strategy. Avoid walking in areas where large numbers of trucks are parked. If you are stopping on the highway at a truck stop or rest area, park with other passenger vehicles rather than sliding your car between trucks. If you are faced with a construction site, consider walking around it rather than through it.

If you must walk through a construction area or another area where trucks are present, exercise extreme caution. Look for trucks that have their lights on and who may be ready to move. Always listen carefully for alarm systems that tell you when a truck is backing out. Do not assume that a truck driver can see you. Trucks have many blind spots and drivers are not always able to see small objects such as a pedestrian near their truck.

Use extreme caution around garbage trucks, dump trucks, and other trucks that are common in urban areas. Many pedestrians simply ignore these trucks because they are so familiar in these environments. However, since these trucks back up, move, and stop unexpectedly, they can pose a special danger to pedestrians. If you are jogging or walking somewhere where garbage trucks, dump trucks, and other trucks are working, consider crossing the street or getting far out of the way to prevent an accident. If you must pass by a truck, make eye contact with the driver and make sure that you have the space to pass. A little bit of precaution and help save your life.