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Preventing Weather-Related Florida Truck Accidents

Wet Florida weather in the winter months can be a contributing factor to truck accidents. At this time of year, many Florida truck accidents and car accidents are caused by weather. The most common causes of weather-related truck accidents are:

1) Excessive speed. Driving too quickly at any time of year can be a danger. However, when the weather is bad, driving too quickly can more easily cause an accident. The roads are slippery in heavy rains, making it hard to brake in time. When the weather is very bad, it may be necessary to even drive below the posted speed limit.

2) Poor visibility. Poor weather often creates darkness early. Heavy rain can also make it hard to see and can even create a glare in headlights. For these reasons, it is important for truck drivers to slow down and to use extra caution when driving in bad weather. Cars, as well, need to slow down when visibility is poor, especially when driving near trucks. Trucks can spray weather and rain towards smaller vehicles, temporarily blinding drivers. To avoid a Florida car accident, stay well clear of trucks and avoid driving behind them in the rain.

3) Drowsiness. Dark, rainy days make most people feel extra sleepy and drowsy, which can easily lead to traffic accidents. When the days get shorter, some people are also affected by seasonal disorders, which can cause excessive fatigue as well as other symptoms. If you feel more tired that usual at this time of year, visit a physician for an assessment. Do not continue to drive while fatigued. Drivers falling asleep at the wheel causing many Florida truck accidents and traffic accidents each year.

4) Slippery roads. Rains obviously cause the roads to become slick, but the problem is often not rain itself. Rather, when rain mixes with oil and other spilled substances on the roads, it can cause slick areas. For this reason, it is important to slow down in the rain. Even if you feel that the roads are not slippery, a spot up ahead may be very slick.

5) Road damage caused by poor weather. Bad weather and winds can rip up road signs, damage the roads, and cause traffic lights to malfunction. This can easily lead to delays, traffic jams, and accidents. Slow down and remember to treat all downed traffic light intersections as four-way stops.

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