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Protect Your Trick or Treaters from Personal Injuries

If your children will be trick or treating this Halloween, you will want them to have an enjoyable time. A great Halloween means an injury-free Halloween, which is why you will want to have these tips on mind when you enjoy the holiday:

1) Consider parties rather than trick or treat excursions. Many families are now having parties rather than taking their children door to door. Parties allow you to supervise your children in a very controlled environment. This can be much safer than going door to door in the dark, when poor visibility, premises liability issues, and unfamiliar terrain can lead to trip and fall accidents and other dangers. As well, parties indoors reduce the risks of pedestrian accidents.

2) If your children are going out for Halloween, arrange for supervision. If your children do decide that they want to go out for Halloween, arrange for at least two adults to accompany them door to door. Ensure that both adults and children have flashlights to light their way and remain in familiar neighbourhoods.

3) Keep children supervised at all times. Whether at a party or during door to door trick or treating, children need to be supervised. Consider having adults offer supervision, instead of older siblings, who themselves may be distracted by Halloween. Adults can supervise groups of children and should take periodic breaks while other adults supervise for a while. This ensures that children are always supervised by a “fresh” pair of eyes.

4) Choose safer costumes. Look for costumes that are age-appropriate, visible, and well-made. Avoid costumes that limit your child’s visibility and costumes that pose a tripping hazard. Avoid costumes that have small parts which pose a choking hazard. Where possible, look for costumes made from non-flammable materials that provide an extra level of protection against burn injuries.

5) Check for the real dangers of Halloween. While many parents check candy for tampering, the biggest dangers during Halloween tend to be burn injuries, tripping, choking, near drowning incidents, and eye and skin injuries. Supervise children carefully and ensure that decorations and costumes are chosen carefully with safety in mind.