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Quality Medical Care After a Florida Trucking Accident

After a Florida truck accident, your first priority will likely be to get emergency medical attention. Most truck accidents in Florida result in at least some injuries, if not fatalities. It is difficult to assess the extent of injuries on the scene, which is why it is important to seek medical attention right away if you have sustained any type of injury. Many serious Florida brain injuries, for example, do always show overt symptoms at once. In some cases, patients feel fine right after an accident, only to find that they have indeed sustained a serious brain injury. Getting immediate help can dramatically increase your chances of surviving a Florida car accident involving a truck.

However, getting medical care after a Florida truck accident can be a challenge for many patients. If you are in a Florida truck accident, you will generally be taken to the closest Florida hospital for immediate treatment. If you are unconscious, you may not be able to act as your own health advocate. It can take emergency personnel some time to reach your family doctor and to recover your records. Mistakes can happen in the high-pressure environment of the emergency room. This is why after serious accident, Florida medical malpractice suits are common.

Another problem with getting quality medical care after a Florida truck accident is cost. Truck accidents can cause serious or even permanent injuries and the total cost of treating these injuries can be very high. Many insurance companies only pay for part of the treatment involved and do not consider long-term costs of the injury. For example, many Florida spinal cord injury patients find that long-term rehabilitation costs, home care costs, and other costs are not considered. The first few years of treatment may be covered by insurance, but subsequent costs may not be.

Another problem is that insurance carriers do not always cover all the costs of an injury, leaving the patient with thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs after a Florida truck accident. For example, many Florida burn injury patients find that their insurance company is not willing to pay for skin grafts and other procedures, even though such procedures are necessary to recover fully from the injury. Many insurance companies label all such procedures as “cosmetic.” As well, many insurance companies may not cover therapy, counseling, and other services which may be important to a full recovery.

When patients choose not to get some treatments after their Florida truck accident due to financial or insurance reasons, complications can sometimes occur. Not getting the best treatment right away can mean delays in recovery or can mean a less-than-full-recovery. Not getting some of the treatments that insurance companies label “cosmetic” may make it hard to recover the life lived before an accident.

Many Florida trucking accident victims have found that seeking the help of a qualified Florida personal injury attorney can help. A good personal injury attorney can negotiate with insurance providers after a Florida trucking accident to ensure that you get the full claim money you are entitled to. A good Florida personal injury attorney can also make recommendations to you that can help ensure the best quality medical care. After thoroughly investigating your accident, a Florida truck accident attorney can also ensure that everyone who has caused the accident is held accountable, so that you get all the medical and financial resources you need to recover as fully as possible.