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Raising Awareness About Brain Injury Awareness Month and North Bay Village Brain Injuries

March 2012 is Brain Injury Awareness Month. It is a month during which many agencies and private groups will be working to raise awareness about brain injuries and brain injury prevention. North Bay Village brain injury patients and organizations will also be involved in the effort. There are many ways to get involved this month:

1) Donate money or help raise donations for a local brain injury organization. Organizations do many useful things, including assisting patients and supporting research. With many North Bay Village car accident and traffic accident victims affected by brain injuries each year, there is a growing demand for funding.

2) Organize an awareness event at your workplace. Have a discussion or schedule a presentation about preventing workplace injuries, including brain injuries. Unfortunately, brain injuries are commonly caused by workplace injuries and these serious injuries often prevent victims from returning to work. Employees covered by North Bay Village workers compensation find that insurance often does not cover the huge costs of a permanent brain injury. Helping prevent injuries in the workplace is key, and you can combine educational efforts in the workplace with fundraising efforts as well.

3) Speak to a brain injury survivor or speak out if you have survived a brain injury yourself. Brain injuries are considered an “invisible” disability and many people are not aware of the devastating effects of this type of injury. Open discussion helps address this problem.

4) Take a defensive driving course. North Bay Village truck accidents and car accidents are a leading cause of brain injuries, not to mention fatalities. Brushing up on your driving skills can help you prevent a North Bay Village car accident and many types of serious injuries, including brain injuries.

5) Check your sports equipment and helmets. If you ride a bicycle or motorcycle, make sure that you wear a helmet and check that your helmet is in good condition and is a correct fit. If you are in a North Bay Village motorcycle accident or bicycle accident, a good helmet can save your life and can prevent a serious injury. For the same reason, check this month to make sure that any helmets you use for contact sports are in good condition and fit correctly. Replace any helmets that need replacing. It could be the best purchase you make.

6) Avoid high-risk activities. Many brain injuries are caused by risk-taking activities, such as driving without a seat belt, taking part in extreme sports without due precautions, and other risky activities. This month is a good time to review your lifestyle and to make needed changes.

7) Write a letter to an elected representative or your local newspaper, sharing your views about brain injuries. Support legislation that helps brain injury victims and encourage research funding for brain injury victims.

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