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Reduce Your Premises Liability Risk This Fall

During the autumn, when children are at school and you spend more time ferrying children to activities after school, your home may be empty for longer periods of time. As well, your children may be inviting more friends over after school and on weekends. Now is the time to make your
1) Take care of any needed repairs before winter. A gate that needs repairs? A leaky roof? Now’s the time to take care of it, while contractors can still easily access everything any before winter weather makes access to some areas more tricky.

2) Close up your pool for the summer. Clean your pool one last time, have one last pool party and close your pool up safely for the fall. You are responsible for preventing pool injuries and drowning. Make sure that the pool is securely covered and protected with a locked gate for the season.

3) Set up a fall maintenance schedule. If you have landscapers, make sure that they are now taking care of leaves, and any puddles of mud or water that may accumulate. If you do your own yard work, create a checklist to ensure that your yard is free of debris and other hazards.

4) Switch to fall lighting. If you have a timer for outdoor lighting, set it back now that days are shorter. You may also need additional lighting near walkways and steps to keep these areas safe. If you turn on your outdoor lights yourself manually, turn them on earlier in the evenings.

5) Do a quick once-over of your property. The seasons are a great chance to check up on your property. Do a once-over inside and outside your property. Are there obvious hazards or possible hazards that need your attention? Are your smoke alarm batteries fresh? Are all doors and windows secure? Are all areas even for walking and free of obstructions? Now is the time to address any issues.