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Rental Truck Accidents

In the summer, many people rent trucks to tackle home projects or moves. Some people also rent trucks to go camping or to travel on vacation. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs involving a rented truck, customers often find themselves faced with a serious legal problem. Even in cases where negligence on the part of the rental company seems evident, customers may have a hard time getting their claim handled quickly and fairly.

The truth is, most rental truck companies promise a hassle-free rental experience. Most people who rent a truck have no problems. However, if a customer finds himself or herself in a truck accident in a rental tuck, the rental company may be unwilling to help. Most motorists are covered under their own driver insurance. However, this insurance may not cover all the costs of a truck accident. Unfortunately, truck accidents often result in serious burn injuries, fatalities, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries as well as property damage. The costs of such an accident can be immense.

Most truck rental companies are large and powerful. They have many resources and much legal assistance, whereas the average consumer may not have these advantages. In some cases, consumers do not carefully weigh their options before accepting an offer. Some customers are not aware of their rights.

If you have been in a truck accident involving a rental truck, it is important to contact a qualified South Florida attorney. A good personal injury attorney can help you negotiate with a rental company or your insurance carrier. You will find that most insurance companies and rental companies are far more willing to pay all the costs you have incurred in a truck accident if there is an attorney representing you.

In addition, a South Florida personal injury attorney can help you by uncovering all the causes of a truck accident. Rental truck accidents may be caused by poor truck maintenance, lack of instructions about using the truck, weather conditions, road conditions, and other factors. Attorneys work with private investigators who can determine the exact cause of an accident. This can be especially important if you have been accused of causing an accident.

Before renting a truck, it is important to read the fine print. Most rental agreements have complex fine print. Generally, agreements state that you will be liable for damages if you drive a rental vehicle drunk. However, rental agreements vary widely in terms of how they resolve disputes and in terms of how much insurance the consumer is granted in the rental cost.