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Reporting Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence in Miramar

Elder abuse and nursing home negligence is every Miramar family’s nightmare. Yet, elder abuse and neglect in Miramar occurs every year and families often struggle to bring about changes to the system while trying to keep their family members safe. If you need to report nursing home abuse and negligence in Miramar, you will want to:

1) Gather documentation and try to be specific when reporting the issue to nursing home staff and caregivers. Rather than saying that you suspect negligence, for example, take photos of unexplained bruises or injuries (with the senior’s permission, of course) and report specifics. For example, note when you visited an elderly patient and the exact conditions – such as odor, weight loss, or other symptoms – that you noticed at that time.

2) Let the victim of abuse or negligence have a say. One of the most difficult things for families is that elderly patients of care facilities will sometimes refuse services or help or will refuse to report abuse or negligence. A senior has the right to refuse help unless they no longer have the mental capacity to care for themselves. If a senior experiences abuse or negligence but refuses to seek help, you can still provide support by continuing to keep communication open and by letting the senior know about resources and alternatives. Eventually, the victim may feel that they can come forward and report the conditions they have been living in.

3) Continue to report abuse and neglect. Every report of a slip and fall accident in a Miramar care facility and every report of symptoms and abuse you see provides more documentation about the case and can make it easier for a senior to get help (even if the victim is not yet ready to come forward).

4) Get legal advice. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Miramar or your community about elder abuse or neglect can help you understand all the options you have for helping a senior who may be suffering abuse or neglect.

5) Escalate your reports once the victim is ready to talk. In some instances of abuse and neglect, a victim is eventually willing to come forward, but the elder care facility may not respond quickly enough or appropriately in order to stop the abuse. If this is the case, you can speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a legal claim. You can also report the abuse or negligence to a state agency in order to get more attention in the matter.

Seeing that a family member is suffering can be extremely difficult. If you suspect elder abuse in Miramar or your community, you will want to do everything possible to help. That may include reporting the abuse or negligence and seeking legal advice to protect the victim’s interests and future. For immediate assistance, you can always reach the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation. The Flaxman Law Group is a full-service law firm with three locations in the Southern Florida area for your convenience.