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Rides and Childhood Injuries

Mechanical bulls and other mechanical rides can be found at shopping centers, amusement parks, and even at private parties, since they can easily be rented. While kids love them, they lead to severe childhood injuries and injuries to teens, too.

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If your child has been injured by this type of ride or by any other incident that may have been caused by an unsafe product, contact Flaxman Law Group. Under Florida and Colorado law, you may have a legal claim and you may be able to recover for your child’s pain and suffering and medical costs. At Flaxman Law Group, our boutique, family-focused law firm is pleased to serve Colorado and South Florida and we’re happy to offer free consultations with injury attorneys so you can talk to a lawyer about your situation.

What the Research Says

The spotlight is on childhood injuries and rides after a recent study was published by researchers at Loma Linda University Children’s Health. The study specifically found a strong link between mechanical bull rides and severe childhood injury, especially traumatic brain injuries.

The study especially focused on the fact that some mechanical bull rides are even advertised as “child friendly,” but in the past seven years researchers have found that 35 children have been seriously injured on these rides, with half requiring emergency surgery.

Most of the injuries examined by the researchers happened at private events, where a mechanical bull ride was rented from a private company. This led the study’s authors to conclude that these injuries may be under-reported and there may be even more ride-related injuries.

Preventing Injuries

Researchers from Loma Linda University Children’s Health recommend policies that would regulate mechanical bull rides. They also want to normalize protective equipment, including helmets, for these rides, and want to ensure that parental consent is required before a child hops on these rides. Researchers are also calling for more awareness of the dangers involved.

As a parent, there are also things you can do:

  • Stay aware of the rides that can be offered at private parties.
  • Talk to your child about the dangers of these rides.
  • Prohibit young children from climbing on these rides.
  • Consider other amusements for your own parties if children will be among of the guests.

What Should You Do if Your Child Is Injured?

Mechanical bulls and other rides billed for children can be dangerous because children can be thrown from the ride and sustain a serious head injury. This can lead to seizures, developmental or learning delays, memory problems, headaches, vision problems, and nausea, among other symptoms.

Treatment for these injuries are expensive and time-consuming. Children may need speech and physical therapy, surgeries, and ongoing treatment, sometimes for years.

In these situations, it can be worthwhile to investigate the cause of the injuries. Was the mechanical bull poorly designed or manufactured? Or did the company providing it fail to post adequate warnings or properly maintain the ride? If someone was negligent and your child was injured as a result, you may have a claim. This allows you to seek financial recovery for child care costs related to the injury, your child’s medical costs, and more. Seeking fair compensation can help you secure the money you need to care for your child’s injuries.

If your child is injured by a ride or unsafe product, you can always call us at Flaxman Law Group by dialing 866-352-9626. Our boutique law firm is family-focused and we bring more than 50 years of experience to the table. If your child is injured, we’re pleased to offer you a free consultation with a childhood injury claims attorney on our team.

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