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Safety Experts Believe That Exercise Can Help Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in Hollywood and Other Communities

Doctors often recommend that older patients as well as patients suffering from various illnesses exercise regularly in order to keep muscle and balance at optimal levels. For the elderly, especially, proper strength training and exercise can promote a better quality of life and can help prevent some accidents. For example, elderly patients who have good balance and better muscle strength may have a lower risk of slip and fall accidents in Hollywood or their community because their muscles and mobility are improved. Exercise has also been proven to lower the risk of some cancers, heart disease, and a host of other illnesses.

For bicyclists, exercise can help promote mobility, flexibility, and strength, which can help bicyclists enjoy their sport longer but can also help prevent bicycle accidents in Hollywood and across Florida. If you bicycle, being strong and being able to move quickly to avoid a car crash is an important part of staying safe on the road.

According to exercise experts, exercise should be a lifelong endeavor and should be seen as a way of investing for the future. Basic exercises such as abdominal crunches, squats, bicep curls, and push-ups can help build strength and a strong core, helping with balance and other issues. While the number of repetitions and the range of motion may change gradually over time, healthy adults should be able to perform these exercises in some fashion well into their golden years.

Exercise will change as a person ages. The maximum amount of oxygen your body is able to will start to decrease after age 20, often at a rate of 1% per year. For people who have suffered a serious illness, the decrease may be even more rapid.

In the 30s, muscle strength will start to be affected, and will accelerate after age 50. In the older years, muscle strength may be reduced by as much as 15% every 10 years. For women especially, bone mineral density will also become an issue.

While aging is inevitable, experts say that combining strengthening, aerobic, and flexibility exercises can help maintain strength and safety for years. Balance exercises can help prevent falls, which can help prevent head injuries in Hollywood and other communities as well as fractures and other injuries. Even if a person is no longer able to maintain high intensity workouts, lower intensity exercise done consistently can still yield excellent results.

Swimming and running are both considered very heart-healthy exercises. If you’ve never engaged in these types of exercise before, you may wish to speak with a doctor before beginning these or any exercise regimen to ensure that you are in good enough shape to handle the intensity of these workouts.

For bicyclists, it is important to combine biking with other activities that develop the hamstring muscles as well as the quadriceps muscles. In bicycling, there is extra focus on the quadriceps muscles, but without balancing strength in the hamstring muscles, injuries can occur.

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