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Safety Resources to Make Avoiding Miami Personal Injuries Fun for Your Kids

There are many resources online that can teach your kids the basics about safety while also letting your kids have fun. Online resources are often kid-friendly and fun while teaching your children the skills they need to help prevent Miami personal injuries. Check out these resources to keep your children entertained and safe this summer:

1) Resources for helping prevent Miami burn injuries. The U.S. Fire Administration has a number of great resources for children ( The page has games, tips, and a way for children to become a junior fire marshal. Be sure to check out Smokey’s website for kids as well ( That site contains useful material about preventing fires. The Sparky website ( is a very interactive page with cartoons, activities, and more.

2) Resources for helping to prevent general Miami personal injuries. FEMA has a site for kids ( which shows kids the basics of emergency preparedness. Free for Kids has a website ( with printable posters and activity sheets that teach children the basics of safety.

3) Resources to help prevent Miami bicycle accidents. has a useful and simple article ( for kids to help them understand the importance of bicycle safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a bicycle safety kit ( that parents can use to teach their children the importance of safe biking. Crucial Crew has an interactive online game ( about bicycle safety.

4) Resources to help prevent Miami dog bites. The Doggone Crazy Game ( is one game that helps children interact with dogs safely. Talking Pets ( has an interactive feature that lets kids learn how dogs look when they experience different moods. This can be a useful tool in teaching children how to tell the difference between a playful dog and an angry dog. E-coach ( has printable worksheets for parents and kids.

5) Resources to help prevent Miami traffic accidents. Teaching children early on about traffic safety and traffic signals is important in helping prevent Miami pedestrian accidents, since children who know about traffic safety are less likely to run into the street or try other risky behaviors. There are a few online resources that can help. Silver Games ( has online traffic games, as does the Traffic School for Kids (