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Serious Head Injuries Can Be a Result of a Trucking Accident

Head or brain injuries sustained in a trucking accident can be dangerous or even fatal. Any truck accident involving a passenger car can cause a passenger in the car to be thrown about inside the vehicle. Being violently tossed about in an accident can cause the brain to crush up against the skull, causing damage. If the truck collision causes a passenger to smash their head against the interior of a car, the skull can crack or sustain other injuries.

What is insidious about head injuries is that they can be hard to detect. Someone may feel perfectly fine after a trucking accident and assume they have no personal injuries, only to be in severe distress only hours or days later. Some victims pass away because they delay treatment, assuming that all is well. It is essential to get a full physical examination after a trucking accident, even if you feel fine. If you have bumped or hit your head, you need to be examined for a possible concussion or other trauma.

In most car accidents and truck accidents, the most common type of head injury is the concussion. This occurs when swelling and bruising occur on the brain due to trauma. Concussions can be hard to diagnosis, because some patients do not show clear signs of symptoms. Some patients show symptoms immediately. Immediately after an accident or soon after an accident, a patient may show signs and symptoms such as:

*Feelings of deep fatigue or sleepiness
*Nausea and/or vomiting
*Difficulty speaking
*Vision problems
*Headache or pain in the head or neck area
However, even if you do not display such symptoms, it is a good idea to get a full physical exam to ensure that you do not have a concussion. Even if you do not have the above symptoms after a car accident, you may still have a concussion. For some patients, symptoms are delayed and may appear hours or days after an accident. Delayed symptoms may include:

*Difficulty concentrating
*Amnesia or loss of memory
*Sleep disorders
*Depression or anxiety
*Sensitivity to noise and light
If you have sustained a head injury in a trucking accident and begin to display these symptoms, seek medical help at once. It could be an emergency. Seek help even if you have been given a clean bill of health by a doctor. You may still have a concussion.