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Shopping Safely in Homestead

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, many Homestead residents are heading to local shopping malls and stores with shopping lists firmly in hand. For many, this season is a joyful one, but serious injuries due to toys and due to shopping issues can mar the holiday spirit. To stay safe, make sure that you:

1) Shop when stores are not overcrowded. Each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, stores hold big sales and each year shoppers are seriously injured due to crowds and due to aggressive shoppers. While the lure of big savings is strong, keep in mind that many stores have big sales throughout the holiday season and in many cases the same sales are available online. Do not put yourself at risk for savings.


2) Stay alert for the increased risks of car and truck accidents at this time of year. Unfortunately, holiday traffic can cause mayhem and accidents. There are more trucks making deliveries to stores and more traffic due to holiday events and holiday shopping. This can mean an increased risk of car and truck accidents in Homestead – especially in parking lots. When driving, make sure that you stay focused and keep a lookout in busy parking lots.

3) Take good care of yourself. Holiday season often means distraction, stress, and lots to do. It also coincides with the flu season. You do not want to be driving or shopping when you are exhausted, sick, or distracted, as these issues can lead to a traffic collision in Homestead or your community. Make sure that you are ready for the rigors of driving or shopping when you run errands. Consider going shopping with friends or carpooling to sales, as well, as this can take some of the pressure away from you.

4) Buy safe toys and products for loved ones. One issue that plagues holiday shoppers are unsafe toys and products. Unfortunately, some of the toys sold in stores are unsafe and have the potential to cause child injury in Homestead. When shopping for toys, check for toy recalls as well as toy safety warnings. Check a toy yourself for small detachable parts or sharp edges. Also, make sure that the toy you are buying is appropriate for the age of the child. When buying any gift, in fact – even for adults – check recall warnings as well as safety warnings. Each year, thousands of products liability claims are launched in Homestead and across the country due to unsafe products and you don’t want to give a loved one a gift that could hurt them.

5) Shop at reputable stores and report unsafe store conditions. Are there spills in aisles of the store or debris and spilled merchandise in stores? These unsafe conditions can easily cause slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. Poorly lit entrances and parking lots can easily lead to muggings, robberies, assaults, and other crimes. Be sure to report these conditions and ask stores to maintain safe premises.

Have you been injured due to an unsafe store or an unsafe product? You may have a legal claim. To find out for sure, arrange a free consultation with the attorneys of Flaxman Law Group.