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Should You Use a Florida Personal Injury Attorney Referral Service?

Florida has many services offering personal injury attorney referrals. These services, heavily advertised in the media, promise to put injury victims in touch with attorneys who can help them. While such services can help victims find an attorney, representatives of the American Bar Association note that customers may wish to do their homework before working with any attorney.

Referral services work by putting injury victims in touch with Florida personal injury attorneys. In many cases, these attorneys are simply listed in a referral service’s directory; there is no suggestion or assurance that working with a referral service will help an injury victim find a more qualified or experienced attorney. In fact, according to the American Bar Association, it is important that customers do their own research. Just because a referral service suggests an attorney, that does not mean that is the correct attorney for you.

According to The Florida Bar, Florida personal injury attorneys are not allowed to solicit business directly (unless using direct mail advertising) and cannot approach injury victims directly to suggest representation. Any attorneys gaining business through a referral service need to ensure that the service’s advertisements adhere to the standards established by The Florida Bar.

Victims of Florida car accidents and other injuries have many ways to find a qualified Florida attorney. Victims can contact referral services, contact attorneys directly, or ask friends and family for legal recommendations. In every case, it is important to learn more about an attorney’s background before making a decision. It is a good idea to ask plenty of questions about similar cases an attorney has worked on. Ideally, victims will want to find an attorney who takes time to answer questions and who has extensive experience with similar types of cases. For example, Florida trucking accident victims will want to find an attorney who has handled many Florida trucking accident cases successfully.

Potential clients can also ask attorneys for references. Good Florida attorneys can provide plenty of references from past clients who were happy with the outcomes of their cases. Another option is to call a local Bar association to ensure that an attorney is in good standing and licensed.

Before working with a Florida personal injury attorney, it is also important to get fee and cost information in writing. This information should include details on how costs and fees are added up, any additional costs which may be incurred during a case, and an estimate of the full costs of a case. Financial information can often help clients choose an attorney who is experienced and also affordable.

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