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Signs of Possible Driver Problems Which Can Lead to a Florida Truck Accident

According to The Hartford Insurance Company, there are several signs that a driver may no longer be safe for the road. Recognizing and acting on these signs early may help prevent Florida truck accidents and Florida car accidents:

1) Signs of confusion. Stopping in traffic for no clear reason, confusing brake and gas pedals, getting lost in places that were once familiar, delayed response times, moving into the wrong lane and difficulty maintaining a position in a lane can all indicate a problem. According to the Hartford Insurance Company, these may be the signs that an elderly driver, especially, is struggling with the basics of road safety. They may indicate problems caused by dementia, stroke, and other problems that affect neurological function. Other symptoms of these problems include confusion at exits and increased agitation when driving.

2) Traffic accidents and violations. These can be a sign of vision problems, aggressive driving, fatigue, distracted driving, or other problems. However, ticketed moving violations or warnings, multiple Florida car accidents, running red lights or stop signs, and other reckless behavior is a clear sign that a driver should not be on the road. Multiple near-misses or violations, especially, are a sign of a more serious underlying problem. Luckily, this is one sign that is likely to be taken seriously by carriers because it affects truck companies’ insurance costs.

3) Not noticing important things. Parking inappropriately can mean not noticing parking signs and cues. Hitting curbs or other objects, failure to notice other cars or activities or failure to notice traffic signs can all indicate a serious problem. A lack of ability to notice important driving cues can mean vision problems. distracted driving, or fatigued driving. In any event, leaving this problem unchecked is very likely to result in a Florida truck accident.

4) Poor judgment. Difficulty in making turns, difficulty anticipating potentially dangerous situations, difficulty estimating distances, and similar signs can mean that a driver’s judgment is affected. This could be due to alcohol and drug use, distracted driving, fatigued driving, and a host of other problems. However, it is a serious problem. All drivers, and especially truck drivers, rely on their experience and judgment when operating a vehicle. With this judgment affected, accidents are very likely.

5) Aggressive driving. Speeding, lack of signally, frustration and yelling, honking at other cars, and a failure to follow rules of the road are all signs of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving can be caused by poor anger management, emotional problems, or even frustration at an underlying problem. Aggressive drivers take risks which can lead to serious accidents, however, and need to be taken off the road.

6) Low confidence in driving skills. Relying on a “copilot,” driving slowly, riding the brakes, and driver anxiety can all point to a lack of confidence. While not as serious as aggressive driving, excessive cautiousness and lack of confidence can also lead to traffic accidents. In some cases, younger drivers or under-qualified drivers may experience low confidence. Additional training can often help resolve this issue.

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