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Signs That You Should Not Drive a Truck

Today light trucks such as pickup trucks are so popular among customers that many people do not even consider whether they should in fact drive a truck. Trucks are not the ideal vehicle for everyone. You might not want to drive a truck if:

1) You do not check blind spots carefully. Trucks – even smaller trucks – have more blind spots than passenger vehicles and you need to be willing to check these carefully. You need to be scanning these areas all the time to prevent car accidents and pedestrian accidents. Since mirrors alone are often not enough, you will need to actually turn your head to look. If you are uncomfortable with blind spots or not careful about checking them, a truck is probably not for you.

2) You drive when tried or under the influence. Even smaller trucks can cause serious personal injury and harm – more so than smaller passenger vehicles, in some cases. If you drive under the influence or when fatigued, stay off the roads.

3) You have trouble parking small cars. Trucks are trickier to park due to more blind spots and a larger mass of vehicle. Many parking spots also tend to fit smaller cars more comfortably and of course not all drivers are courteous enough to leave others plenty of parking room. If you struggle with parking, master this skill before getting in a truck.

4) You feel nervous driving a truck. If you are anxious at the thought of a larger vehicle, wait until you get more comfortable before driving a truck. If you are too timid or too worried, you could cause an accident.

5) You do not need a truck. If you do not need a truck for day-to-day activities, you are better off driving a car. Cars have less risk of rollovers and are often easier to drive. If you don’t need a truck, you will also save on gas and generate less pollution by staying with a smaller vehicle.

6) You have certain mobility issues. Trucks can require you to climb up into a cab, which can be tricky if your mobility is hampered. It is possible to alter a truck in order to make it accessible, but keep in mind that this adds to your ownership costs.