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Some Ideas for Preventing North Miami Beach Bus Accidents

While North Miami Beach car accidents are far more common than bus accidents, bus accidents tend to be deadly. Since bus passengers tend not to wear seatbelts, they can be thrown violently in the event of a North Miami Beach bus collision. In addition, school bus accidents are often devastating because they involve young children. To help prevent these types of accidents from taking place, consider these tips:

1) Teach your child the basics of school bus safety. Children are much safer on a bus than being ferried by car, since bus accidents are rarer than North Miami traffic accidents involving cars. However, you can make the morning commute safer by reviewing bus safety with your child. Teach your child to listen to and obey the bus driver and ensure that your child knows not to cause a distraction on the bus in any way. Teach your child to carefully disembark and board the bus, looking both ways before crossing any streets and staying within view of the bus driver.

2) Be cautious when getting on or exiting buses. Bus accidents are common when passengers are boarding or disembarking and North Miami Beach pedestrian accidents are also a common problem when passengers hop on or off a bus. To avoid a collision, wait for buses in safe areas designated for passengers. Avoid approaching or standing behind a bus, where the driver cannot see you. Board carefully, to avoid tripping and falling. When disembarking, move away from the bus and walk around the front of the bus if you need to cross the street.
3) Support legislation which promotes bus safety. Changes to laws happen all the time to make buses safer. Most recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced changes to policies affecting bus companies violating safety rules. Since 1990, bus companies have had 45 days to prove that they have fixed safety violations and companies have been able to apply for a ten day extension after that 45 day period. Now, bus companies will no longer be able to apply for an extension. Roadside inspections of buses also doubled between 2005 and 2010 to help catch safety violations. When you read about bus laws that you support or would like to see changed, contact your elected representative to express your views.

4) If you are chartering a bus or going on a bus tour, do a little research about the bus operator. Responsible bus companies work hard to prevent North Miami Beach traffic accidents and are happy to share their efforts with you. Check safety records, any past safety violations and policies for hiring and training drivers. Refuse to give money to companies which do not take safety seriously.

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