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Sports Injuries to Minors and Children: Girls May Be Affected More

More than fifty percent of high school students play some type of sport in after-school or in-school programs. However, experts say that sports injuries among children are increasing. Some statistics also show that girls are especially vulnerable, and have twice the rate of concussions as well as a greater chance of sustaining serious sprains and fractures, when compared with boys. Part of the problem is that girls use their quadriceps more than their hamstrings as well as their ligaments more than their muscles for running and jumping, increasing risk of injury.

The according to pediatricians and other experts, there are many things that parents can do to keep both boys and girls safe from sports-related personal injuries:

1) Make sure your child has all the right safety gear for her sports – and uses it every time. This is especially important in terms of mouth guards and helmets, if your child plays a sport that requires them. A good helmet that is properly fitted and worn every time your child plays can vastly reduce the risk of your child’s sustaining a serious Florida brain injury. Your child’s coach or a local sporting supply store can help you understand what safety equipment your child needs. Consider buying equipment even if your child is given safety equipment at school. If your child has their own equipment, you can ensure the best quality and a better fit, ensuring greater safety.

2) Make sure that the gear fits correctly and is replaced as needed. The safety equipment for sports wears out quickly and as children grow, the equipment may need to be replaced frequently to ensure a proper fit. A helmet that has been in an impact should be replaced with a new one to provide full protection against brain injuries. Periodically check the quality and condition of your child’s safety equipment and upgrade as needed.

3) Encourage your child to get some additional strength training. This improves overall fitness and may reduce the risk for some types of injuries.

4) Sign up for after-school activities that have a good safety record. Parents who take an active interest in the safety records of after school programs can potentially notice problems and address them before an injury occurs. Ensuring that children are encouraged to play safely and always wear the right equipment goes a long way towards ensuring that your child’s after school or in school sporting activities are safe.

Sporting activities for children are great way to fight childhood obesity and to encourage overall health. However, there’s no reason why your child’s sporting activities should lead to injuries and pain. If your child has been injured, contact the Flaxman Law Group. With law offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood, we can arrange for free consultation to discuss your case and to ensure that your child’s interests are safeguarded. Our compassionate legal team can ensure that you know your rights and options so that you can make the right decisions for your child and your family.