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Staying Safe in a Hustle Culture: Avoiding Workplace Injury

At this time of year, many workers are taking on extra shifts, second jobs, temporary jobs, or even gig work. In today’s hustle culture, many people are pursuing multiple streams of income to make ends meet or to get ahead. Whether you’re saving for a big purchase or want to be able to pay for the holidays, working extra has its risks.

Studies have shown that long hours can increase your risk of car accidents, especially if you work shifts. Your risk of a car accident is also higher after a long shift, because you are exhausted.


Working too long and reducing the amount of sleep you get can also put your risk of on the job injuries. With less sleep and more work, your response times and your decision making skills may be poorer, and this can be dangerous, depending on the work you do.

If you do need to take an extra work, here are ways to stay safe:

  • Take on only as much work as you absolutely must. If you need to take on an extra shift once in awhile to make overtime, that’s one thing. However, if you find yourself working all the time and being tired all the time, consider working with a career counselor, a non-profit debt counseling organization, or seeking help from other free resource to help you find solutions so you can work more reasonable hours while still meeting your financial obligations.
  • Build in rest time. Even if you have to work extra hard for awhile, make sure you find ways to rest. You may want to try meditation, make sure you sleep in a quiet and dark room so you enjoy the highest quality of sleep, and otherwise take rest as much as you are able to. Avoid alcohol, too, as it can disrupt sleep.
  • Work with a doctor. If you are working longer than average hours, make sure you see a doctor to keep tabs on your health. Overwork can affect your cardiac health, mental health, blood pressure, and more. A doctor can make sure that you are not at undue risk.
  • Consider your extra work carefully. Look for jobs that are simpler or that have a lower risk. For example, office work or some sort of work from home may be less risky than a job that requires you to drive for long hours after putting in full time hours at your regular job. Always evaluate the risks of the job and look for ways to reduce the hazards.

If you sustain a work injury, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits or even a third party claim that can help you pay for lost wages and medical bills. If you’re injured on the job, find out what legal options you may have by calling Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626 to speak to a live person 24/7 who can schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an attorney. Or contact us online to set up your free accident consultation.

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