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Steps to Prevent South Miami Dog Bites

Now that summer is here, pets as well as people are taking advantage of the nice weather to head outside. Unfortunately, summer can be a peak time for dog bites for a number of reasons. As children spend more time at home and outdoors, they are more likely to encounter dogs. As well, dogs are more likely to be placed outdoors by owners and in some cases the warm weather can make them irritable and more likely to bite. Unfortunately, South Miami dog bites can cause serious injuries, especially to young children. They can cause facial scarring, broken bones, and even South Miami brain injuries and eye injuries. There are several things that parents can do to help prevent bites, however:

1) Teach your children about pet safety. One of the best ways to prevent dog-related injuries to children and teens in South Miami is to teach your children about pet safety. Teach your children not to approach strange dogs or any pets that are sleeping or eating. Discuss what animals and pets look like when they are scared and teach your children to avoid running away from dogs. Show your children how to slowly back away from an aggressive animal and how to seek help.

2) Supervise children when they are outdoors. While there are laws in place to ensure that pet owners do not allow their dogs to roam freely through any parks or communities, not all pet owners abide by these by-laws and in some cases dogs do get loose and roam. Supervising your children – even if they are only in your yard playing – is a good way to prevent many types of South Miami personal injuries, including dog bites.

3) Be wary about letting children wander in green spaces and parks. Some pet owners do allow their dogs to roam in parks, even in parks where dogs are supposed to be on a leash. In addition, children sometimes run up to dogs that are on a leash in parks, and this can frighten an animal and cause it to bite.

4) Keep the family pet well-trained and in good physical condition. If you have a family dog, take it to obedience classes and get regular check-ups to ensure that the dog is not ill and therefore aggressive due to pain. Training your dog well ensures that your dog is less likely to bite your child. Having your child interact with a well-trained pet can also teach your child animal skills that can help them avoid a dog bite.

5) If you don’t have a pet, consider having your child spend some supervised time with a well-behaved dog belonging to a family or friend. Some interaction time can help your child get over any fears and can help teach them how to interact safely with an animal. It can also be a great way to teach them the basics of interacting with dogs – basics such as asking an owner before approaching a pet.

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