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Storm Season Can Mean Personal Injuries for Florida Travelers

While Florida is known for its sunny and beautiful weather, Florida residents who travel to more northerly states at this time of year can expect to face the same winter weather hazards as residents of those states. While you many not worry about Florida slip and fall accidents due to ice or snow and while the idea of winter-related Florida car accidents seems remote, in more northerly climates, the weather conditions can pose a real risk. If you are traveling north this winter, follow these safety tips to stay safe:

1) Assemble an emergency kit if you will be staying anywhere but a hotel. If you are renting a cabin or staying with friends and family, prepare a kit that includes batteries, flashlights, blankets, a first aid kit, any medication you may need, food, water, cash, and copies of your documents. If you need to evacuate due to weather conditions, this will be very valuable. You may also want to keep a similar emergency kit in your car to ensure that you can survive if you get stuck due to snowy weather conditions.

2) Invest in good footwear. Look for boots that have good treads or visit a sports wear store to buy special boot overlays that have spikes for added traction. Snow and ice pose a serious risk of slip and fall injuries as well as head injuries, especially if you are not used to walking in these conditions. Invest in the best anti-slip footwear you can find.

3) Prepare to dress for the weather. Before you travel, check weather reports so that you know what to pack. Bring a hat, gloves, scarf, and warm footwear and jacket. As well, bring layers that you can wear together. Several layers that cover your entire body can help you avoid hypothermia or frostbite if you do find yourself stuck in inclement weather when you travel.

4) Bring sunglasses. The glare from snow and ice can be painful and can make it hard to see. You can often prevent slip and fall accidents and even car accidents by wearing sunglasses that allow you to see more clearly. If you will be outdoors skiing or taking part in other winter activities, be sure to wear sunscreen as well. Again, the glare from the snow and ice can be intense.

5) Learn winter survival skills. If your car broke down on a snowy road, would you know how to survive? Do you know how to drive on icy roads safely? Winter survival tips and classes are available online and through many police stations in more northerly states. Read up about the skills you need.

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