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Summer Can Mean More Trucks on the Road – and a Larger Risk of Florida Truck Accidents

Summertime does pose a higher risk of Florida car accidents and truck accidents. There are many reasons for this:

1) Tourist season means busy businesses. Florida is a major tourist destination in the summer, and theme parks and amusement parks in the state are filled with tourists. Plenty of events and summer business, however, also means that more trucks are needed to make deliveries to businesses. Unfortunately, more trucks on the roads can also mean a higher risk of collisions.

2) Heavier car and pedestrian traffic. Florida streets really fill up during the summer. There are more pedestrians taking part in summer activities, and more drivers on the road taking part in summer road trips. More buses ferry tourists to major sites and children to summer camp. There are even more trucks on the road due to a heavier construction and road work schedule. All this extra traffic and congestion can cause tempers to fray and can easily lead to traffic accidents.

3) Hot weather can mean more truck tire blowouts. Florida tire defects are a serious problem for truck drivers, since trucks tend to be very hard on tires. In the summer heat, however, even good tires can wear down more easily and suffer blowouts as the rubber is affected by the heat.

4) Summer can be harder on drivers that need to drive long distances. The glare of the sun and the hot weather can create exhaustion and can make it easier for already tired drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. Truck drivers, who must often drive very long distances in the blinding sun and stifling heat, can be especially vulnerable.

5) More Florida drunk driving accidents. Unfortunately, there are more drunk drivers on the roads in the summer. Patios serve beer at restaurants and many summer events and parties serve alcohol. Worse, the summer heat and sun can magnify the effects of alcohol, making accidents even more likely.

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