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Summer Means a Focus on Child Safety in Hollywood and Florida

Now that summer is here, children will be at home and in special summer programs, which can mean new hazards that parents need to be aware of. If you are a parent, there are several things you can do to prevent child injury in Hollywood or your community:

1) Choose child care carefully. Whether you will be relying on daycare, babysitters, a nanny, or any other caregiver, choose wisely. Ask for references and interview the person in charge at least once. A good caretaker is vital in keeping your child safe.


2) Research camps and summer programs. If your child is taking part in any classes, trips, camps, or programs, ask lots of questions. Make sure that there will be adequate supervision and that staff are screened carefully. Ask about safety policies and staff training when it comes to safety. A camp with a casual attitude can pose a risk of pool injury in Hollywood or your community while an incorrectly supervised program can mean burn injuries, fractures, and other risks for your child. Make sure your child is taking part in activities with a good safety record and the resources to keep your child safe.

3) Review safety basics with your children. Consider what activities are interesting for your children and tailor the information to suit them. For example, if your children spend time on their bikes, now is the time to review the basic rules for staying safe when riding to avoid bicycle accidents in Hollywood or your community. The summer is also a good time to review fire and thunderstorm safety tips.

4) Sign your child up for swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your child from drowning. Even if your child is very young, they can be signed up for basic lessons that allow them to learn how to float. Older children should be signed up for lessons that let them learn how to swim effectively. CPR lessons are also a good idea. Florida has many waterways and pools. Unfortunately, the state also has the distinction of having the highest rate of child drowning. We can change this statistic by teaching water safety and swimming skills early.

5) Talk to your teen about safe driving. If you have a young driver in your house, they may be excited at the prospect of summer freedom. This is a good time to set rules about distracted driving, night driving, and passengers. Summer is also a great time to sign your teen up for more driving lessons or defensive driver training, if needed. Since many summer events involve alcohol, make sure that your teen understands that they can always phone home for a safe ride home with no questions asked. Better yet, create a list of family and friends who can offer the same guarantee so that your teens have no excuse to get in a car with a drunk driver.

6) Take a moment to make your home a little safer this summer. Check the smoke detectors in your home and make sure that you have fire escape routes in your home as well as fire extinguishers. If you have a grill, fireworks, or another potentially hazardous items, make sure that they are properly stowed. Check your home for worn or flayed extension and power cords, replacing as necessary. Do a walk-through of your property to note and fix any potential hazards.

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