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Summertime Miami Beach Personal Injuries

While summertime in Miami Beach means beautiful weather and luxurious days of freedom, but with the season comes some hazards, including:

1) Miami Beach boating accidents. As the nice weather arrives, many people enjoy the season by heading out on their boats. Unfortunately, as a result, summer can be a prime time for boating accidents. In fact, Florida leads the nation when it comes to boating accidents. Speed, alcohol, and inexperience are among the top reasons for boating accidents, according to experts, and accidents caused by these factors are entirely preventable. Getting adequate training, boating sober, and obeying boating laws can help ensure a safe and enjoyable summer.

2) Miami Beach slip and fall injuries. Summer rains as well as more time spent outside can actually increase the risk of slip and fall accidents. As we head outdoors to enjoy the summer, we tend to bring out additional items, including gardening tools and barbecue implements, which can easily get lost outdoors and pose a tripping hazard. Cleaning up regularly outdoors, keeping grass trimmed, and fixing uneven steps and pavement can help prevent falls.

3) Miami Beach pool injuries. Pools are a major attraction in the summer, especially for children home from school. However, pools are also responsible for many drowning accidents and various injuries each summer. To keep your pool area safe, install a safe-locking gate and surround your pool with a tall isolation fence to ensure that no one can enter the pool area unsupervised. An alarm that lets you know when anyone enters the pool area is also a good precaution, especially if you have young children. In addition, studies have shown that early, formal swimming lessons can help keep children safer around the water.

4) Miami Beach car accidents. Summertime in Florida usually means an influx of tourists and more people are on the road as they visit Florida’s many attractions. In addition to heavier traffic, summer also brings with it road construction, which can also create a hazard for drivers. Following traffic rules scrupulously and driving distraction-free can greatly reduce your risk of a car crash.

5) Miami Beach fire-related injuries. Summer is a prime time for burn injuries, in part because forest fires are more common and because barbecue season can mean more residential fires as well. This is a good time to check your smoke detectors to ensure that they are in good working order. If you are just setting up your barbecue area, this is a good time to ensure that your barbecue (or fire pit) is well away from your home and from any flammable surface. Buying a fire extinguisher for your kitchen and your barbecue area is also a smart investment.

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