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The Best Ways Drivers Can Prevent Car and Truck Accidents

In many cases, trucking accidents on the highways and roads involve a car and a truck. It is an unfortunate situation, because few types of vehicles are more unevenly matched. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and can obliterate or crush a passenger vehicle. While there are many laws and federal regulations to ensure that truck drivers take certain precautions on the road, there are still many things that passenger vehicle drivers can do to ensure that they are never in a car accident with a truck:

1) Always treats trucks as trucks. Many passenger vehicle drivers treat trucks as just another vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, this can be a fatal mistake. It is important to keep in mind that trucks brake, stop, and turn differently than passenger vehicles. It is important to give trucks additional room and to use extra caution when driving around trucks. Keep in mind that truck drivers, for example, cannot see as clearly and have many more blind spots. Avoid following closely behind or in front of a truck. Provide lots of room for yourself to maneuver around track. Never stop suddenly in front of a large commercial truck, as the truck driver will likely not be able to stop in time to prevent rear ending your car.

2) Avoid situations where you are surrounded by trucks. It is easy for your vehicle to become invisible when surrounded by trucks, and being crushed between two trucks almost guarantees serious spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and fatalities. If you see a large fleet of trucks, drop back and allow them plenty of room. Make sure that the drivers can see you by staying well back or by making eye contact with the drivers as you pass.

3) Keep your eyes and mind on the road. Texting or speaking on your cell phone while driving is dangerous precisely because you share the road with many other vehicles, including trucks. Texting around trucks is extremely dangerous as trucks delivering products to businesses may make unexpected stops. Keep your mind and your eyes on the road at all times so that you can predict the maneuvers of trucks in front of you, behind you, and beside you.

4) Think ahead. If you see a truck in front of you, plan ahead so that you can either pass it safely or drop back in time to allow the driver to see you well. Predict possible obstacles, such as roadwork or hills, well in advance. Keep in mind that trucks often block your vision and make it impossible for you to anticipate obstacles and problems up ahead. This is another wonderful reason drop well back of trucks and to not follow closely behind. You will have a better view of the road and therefore will be to drive more safely if you keep well back.