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The Choices Other Drivers Make Can Lead to Car Accidents

While truck drivers make some mistakes which result in truck-car accidents, there are also poor choices which passenger vehicle drivers make which can also result in collisions:

1) The choice to ignore a truck’s blind spots. Many trucks have warning signs, indicating the blind spot of the truck and warning drivers to not pass when the truck is changing lanes or turning. Nevertheless, many passenger vehicle drivers decide to ignore the warnings and either drive in truck blind spots or attempt to pass at unsafe moments.

2) The choice to cut trucks off and drive aggressively. Trucks usually use air brakes, which means that they take longer to stop than passenger vehicles. Cutting off a truck or zipping around a truck usually does not leave the truck with enough time to stop in order to prevent a collision.

3) The choice to ignore windy conditions. If you are driving beside a truck on a windy day, the truck may be protecting you from the wind. If you pass the truck or drop back, you need to brace yourself for the sudden wind. The sudden gust can easily surprise you and even cause you to lose control of your vehicle momentarily.

4) The choice to tailgating a truck. Tailgating a truck is extremely dangerous – far more dangerous than tailgating a passenger vehicle. If the truck in front of you stops suddenly, you will likely be in an underride accident, which means that the front of your car will slide under the truck. This means that the impact with the truck will not be with your bumper, but with your windshield. Underride accidents have a high fatality rate and survivors of such accidents often have serious head injuries. Some trucks have metal bars below the chassis to prevent accidents involving underride, but these metal guards cause many decapitations. An underride accident is simply one of the most dangerous accidents you can encounter on the road.

5) The choice to be distracted. When driving around trucks, you need to stay focused. You need to note and anticipate what the truck is doing and you need to consider that the truck is a large obstacle which may be preventing you from seeing and anticipating obstacles down the road. You also need to focus on driving safely around trucks, being seen by truck drivers, and signaling your intentions to turn or stop in a way that gives truck drivers enough time to respond. You simply cannot do all of this if you are talking on the phone, texting, or otherwise staying distracted.