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The Many Risks of Trucking Accidents in Hollywood and Other Communities

Accidents involving trucks in South Florida range from large crashes involving semis and trailers to smaller fender-benders involving light trucks. All of these collisions can have serious repercussions that affect victims for years or even a lifetime. If you have been in a traffic collision in Hollywood or any Florida community, it is important to keep all the risks and injuries of accidents in mind when speaking with insurance carriers and others.
Truck accidents in Hollywood and other communities pose a few types of risks, including:

1) Injury risks. One of the biggest risks involved in a truck collision is the risk of serious injuries. Injuries that commonly occur with trucking collisions include spinal cord injuries, burns, fractures, soft tissue injuries, and head injuries in Hollywood and other cities. Keep in mind that you do not have to be directly involved in a truck accident to face some of these risks. Even if you are a bystander, you may be injured by flying debris. If a truck is carrying a toxic substance, the resulting spill or fire could affect homes and businesses in the immediate area.
2) Personal risks. The effects of a serious truck accident can sometimes be hard to quantify. In addition to the physical injury, you may suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and other similar issues after an accident. You may face chronic pain and trouble with relationships after a serious accident that has resulted in injury, loss of a loved one, or financial distress.

3) Financial risks. The costs of a truck accident can be substantial. You may need to pay for repairs to your car as well as long-term medical care and treatment. If you have been seriously injured, you may face lost income as well as medical expenses that are not covered by your health insurance. For example, if you are a burn injury patient in Hollywood or another community, you may find that some forms of therapy and treatment are considered “cosmetic” and are not covered. Even if you have good car insurance, you may find that insurance companies are interested in settling the claim quickly, without covering some of the long-term costs of your injuries and income loss.

4) Legal risks. If you are blamed for the accident, you may face substantial legal problems. You may find that your insurance rates are affected or that you have a mark on your driving record. If you did not cause the accident but the police have decided that you were at fault, it is important to consult with an attorney. A personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community can review your options and can investigate your accident. If you were not at fault, you may qualify for compensation that can pay for medical care, income loss, and other costs associated with your accident.

5) The risk of fatalities. One of the most devastating things that can happen in any truck accident involves fatal injury. If you have lost a loved one in a truck collision, your life will be affected permanently. In some cases, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim in Hollywood or your community to hold liable parties accountable for the accident.

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