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The Secondary Dangers of a Miami Truck Accident

Miami truck accidents happen virtually every day, and they range from smaller accidents to the serious truck rollovers that affect traffic for hours. While Miami truck accidents are devastating to everyone involved, they also have many secondary dangers that all pedestrians and motorists need to be aware of:

1) Rubbernecking. Unfortunately, Miami truck accidents usually draw a large crowd. When people stop to take a look at an accident, they may inadvertently contribute to secondary accidents. Drivers who slow down to take a look may also contribute to problems such as fender benders, traffic problems, and other problems. If you see a Miami truck accident, it is best to proceed slowly and to keep your eyes on the road. If there are already emergency personnel on the road, be sure to follow their directions in order to get to your destination safely.

2) Secondary accidents. People who swerve to avoid a Miami truck accident may collide with other objects or motorists, causing additional accidents.

3) Spills and fires. Large commercial trucks often carry flammable or toxic materials. In a truck accident, these can easily spill, causing a blaze or creating a toxic environment for everyone around. A commercial truck that is fully loaded with flammable material and bursts into flames can create an inferno, shooting flames into the air for dozens of feet. If you see a commercial truck accident, it is important to get out of the way as quickly and as safely as you can, in case the truck is carrying something hazardous. If you see a truck on fire, contact emergency personnel and keep your distance.

4) Disabled trucks can block the road or lanes of traffic. Trucks that have flipped on their side or are otherwise un-drivable can block an entire road or several lanes of traffic. Oncoming vehicles that are not aware of this can easily collide with each other or with the truck itself, causing additional accidents. Truck drivers are required to set up warning signs where possible after an accident. However a truck driver may be too injured in order to do this. The hazards are especially pronounced in poor visibility conditions, such as fog or rain. Disabled trucks that are blocking lanes of traffic can also cause congestion throughout an entire area of the city as motorists look for alternate routes to get to their destination.

5) Property damage. The impact of an 80,000 pound commercial truck flipping over or lighting on fire is enough to do serious damage to roads, traffic signs, and other city property. In cases where the roads and traffic systems are not fixed immediately, other motorists may be in danger of Miami car accidents due to the damage.

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