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This Time of Year Can Mean More Slip and Fall Injuries

At this time of year, slip and fall injuries are unfortunately more common. We are all a little bit more rushed, and running around trying to accomplish all our last minute holiday errands. Wet weather and darker days can also contribute to slip and fall injuries. Ornaments and decorations can also pose trip hazards if they are placed on the ground.

While many of us harm nothing but our pride when we fall, slip and fall injuries can have serious consequences. For the elderly, they can mean broken bones or broken hips. For everyone they can result in head injuries and other serious personal injuries. If a guest or visitor in your home trips and falls on your property, you could also face premises liability issues. Everyone wants to have a safe holiday, and that means no falls. According to experts, there are several things that you can do to help prevent slip and fall accidents for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season:

1) Keep things tidy. Although this time of year is hectic, it’s important to continue tidying up. If there is a rainfall or if a puddle forms on your property, be sure to clean up the spill. Be sure that any wrapping paper or wrapping products are cleaned up after you have assembled your holiday gifts. If you are storing gifts underneath a holiday tree, ensure that the gifts are well tucked under the tree and do not pose a tripping hazard.

2) Consider the special needs of guests. If you’ll be having elderly loved ones visiting you this holiday season, take the time to ensure that your home is safe for them. Remove any area rugs or items that can easily be tripped over. Consider installing bars in the bathroom to help prevent slip and fall accidents in the shower.

3) Ensure that your home as well lighted. Since the days at this time of year can be much shorter, you will need to turn on your outdoor lights and your indoor lights much sooner. Consider adding a few extra lamps around your home to provide extra lighting, and make sure that your outdoor lights are functioning well. Turn them on before guests arrive.

4) Take care of your health. At this time of year, flu medications, the flu, stress, and alcohol consumption can all contribute to falls. If you feel unwell, stay in bed and take things easy until you feel well enough to get around safely. If you’re taking medications, read labels carefully and speak with your pharmacist to ensure that you will not have problems with dizziness. Get plenty of sleep and take care of yourself physically to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.