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Time to Review Halloween Safety Tips to Prevent Child Injury

At this time of year, stores are filled with Halloween candies and costumes. This is also the season when many parents are stocking up on candies, costumes, and festive decorations. Unfortunately, some of these items can lead to child injury in Homestead or your community – especially if costumes and decorations are not used as intended. To keep your family safe, follow these safety tips:

1) Buy or make costumes that allow for easy mobility.

Whether you buy costumes, rent them, or make your own, make sure that they are easy to move in. Costumes that upset a child’s balance or restrict their arms or legs too much can create fall hazards.

2) Be careful of tripping hazards.

Long cords, hems, and tails on costumes can pose a tripping hazard. For younger children, long necklaces or drawstrings can also pose a strangling hazard. Look for costumes that fit properly and will not trip your child up.


3) Ensure good visibility with costumes.

Non-toxic makeup is safer than masks, which can cut off periphery vision or can slip down to obscure vision. When using makeup or face stickers, however, make sure that the adhesives or cosmetics are hypoallergenic and high quality, as some of the holiday makeup can cause skin irritation. If a costume requires cosmetic contact lenses, visit an optometrist for a recommendation, since not all the novelty contacts sold online and in stores are considered safe.

4) Be careful about holiday decorations.

Halloween decorations can pose their own hazards. Any hanging decorations, such as fake spider webs, for example, can pose both a tripping hazard and a fire hazard. In your Homestead or Florida-area home, make sure that any hanging decorations or any small decorations are out of the way of walkways, stairs, or any open flame.

5) Plan safe Halloween activities.

Many parents now choose to have parties rather than send children out trick-or-treating. Staying indoors can make it easier to supervise children and can reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents, which are one of the biggest Halloween risks for Homestead and Florida children. If your children will be heading out trick-or-treating, make sure that they have plenty of supervision and select a route that will see less car traffic. If you are hosting a party, consider safe games and events. Keep in mind that some traditional games are not necessarily safe. Any special effects that use dry ice, for example, may pose a burn hazard, and dunking for apples can pose a drowning hazard. Whether your children are headed out for candy or to a party, make sure that there is adequate supervision of all activities to keep everyone safe.

6) Practice fire safety.

Fire and burn hazards in Homestead and Florida are a serious concern at this time of year. Instead of spooky candles around the home and in jack-o-lanterns, consider small battery-powered lights, which pose a smaller risk of fire. If you have pets or small children in the house, be careful of small decorations and decorations with small parts that can break off and pose a choking hazard.

The only scary part of the Halloween should be the ghost stories. To prevent injury, be sure to follow these tips. If someone in your family is injured due to a traffic accident or a defective product, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys would be pleased to meet with you to help you understand how you may be able to fight for your rights.

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