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Tips for Dealing with the Aftermath of a Construction Accident

Construction accidents, by their very nature, tend to be quite serious. Since in many cases heavy equipment and high voltage are involved, fatalities, serious burn injuries, falls, and spinal cord injuries are unfortunately very common in these sorts of accidents. One of the most common causes on industrial and construction zone accidents is speeding. Many fatalities and injuries occur when drivers speed through a work zone. When driving through a construction zone slow down and avoid any distractions such as cell phones or music. This allows you to react to sudden problems and road sign changes.

Even if you are careful and a construction accident does happen, there are many things you can do to ensure that injuries are kept to a minimum:

1) Immediately alert the supervisor and other workers of an accident. Some workers avoid reporting small problems, but this can be a problem, especially if that minor injury turns out to be a bigger ailment later on. Even a small injury can have long-term consequences, so always report it.

2) Get medical help for the injured person at once. Even if the injury seems minor, take the injured worker to a doctor right away. If it is possible that the injury is more serious, call 911. Do not take chances, but call emergency personnel if there is any possibility that the injury might be serious.

3) Do not move the injured party unless given instructions to do so by a qualified professional. In the event of a spinal cord injury or burn injury, you can cause more damage by moving the victim. Call 911 and follow the directions provided over the phone to the letter. If you can, remove any immediate dangers to the victim, such as nearby power sources or heavy objects. Stop traffic in the area and provide a clear space so that emergency personnel can approach.

4) Take down as many details as you can. Take pictures and write down the numbers and names of any witnesses present. This proof can be very valuable in the event of a worker’s compensation claim or in the event of a dispute about what happened.

5) File an official report with the employer and with worker’s compensation. In most cases, it is what is actually written down in the report and the claim that will determine whether you will qualify for worker’s compensation or not.

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