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Tips for Getting a Fair Settlement After a Florida Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident that has resulted in burn injuries, broken limbs, property damage, brain injury, or other serious injuries, you may not be fully protected by your insurance provider. You may need to follow these tips to ensure that you are truly covered:

1) Treat all accidents as serious accidents. Even a minor fender bender can leave you with pain for months as well as lost wages. Always file a police report and exchange information with the other driver as well as any possible witnesses.

2) Contact your insurance company very soon after the accident, even if you do not want to make a claim. If you think that the other driver was at fault, contact the driver’s insurance provider as well. Contacting your insurance company and the other insurance company ensures that you can still make a claim if you notice an accident-related injury or some property damage after the fact. If there is a problem or disagreement about fault in the accident, file your claim with your insurance provider. Your insurance company will work out fault with the other company.

3) If your car has sustained damage, ask for reimbursement for a rental car or a rental car. Make sure that you get a car that is similar to your own. You should not have to pay for transportation or drive a junker if you have coverage. Also, if your insurance company asks you to take your vehicle to the insurer’s preferred auto shop, make sure that there is a lifetime guarantee on the repairs to prevent disputes over shoddy work.

4) Eventually, the insurer will want to be released of final responsibility. You should only agree to this when you are perfectly sure that your car is fully fixed and you have found and fixed all problems related to the accident. If you notice any problems after you release your insurance company of final responsibility, you will need to pay for the repairs yourself. You may wish to hire an independent company to evaluate your car after repairs to ensure that the car is in good working order. After all, you might not be able to see unfinished repairs and other dangerous problems yourself.

5) If your vehicle cannot be repaired, you may need to work harder to get a fair settlement. If you are looking at a large settlement, consider hiring a Florida attorney to represent you with your insurer. Resist accepting your insurer’s first offer.