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Top Tips for Florida Airline Safety

Florida aviation accidents are in the news quite frequently, and reading about these accidents can be quite frightening. Due to their very nature, airplane crashes lead to fatalities very frequently. Survivors of accidents often have serious injuries, such as burn injuries, fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other serious problems.

Many passengers do not realize that there are several things that can be done to reduce the chances of an airplane accident. The following tips will help you stay safer in the skies:
1) Choose non-stop flights. Statistically, accidents are far more likely to occur during takeoff, climb, descent, and landing. When you choose non-stop flights, you not only enjoy greater convenience but you also reduce the amount of time you spend in the higher-risk stages of a flight.

2) Opt for larger aircraft. Airplanes that are in the skies today and are designed to hold over 30 passengers are designed under stricter conditions. If you are in an accident, you are more likely to survive in a larger aircraft.

3) Listen to the safety information. If you fly frequently, the safety instructions given at the start of the flight may seem a bit tedious, but do follow along. In the event of an emergency, you will have only seconds to react, so having listened to the safety information will help you. Also, your plane may have different safety exits, so unless you listen you might not know where to go in an emergency.

4) Stay in your seat for most of the flight. Other than a quick jaunt to the bathroom, try to remain in your seat. You are far more likely to be injured during sudden turbulence if you are wandering around. Also, while sitting, keep your seatbelt on while seated. This will help you if there is a sudden drop or turbulence.

5) Let flight attendants do their job. Listen to the instructions given to you and follow them. Let attendants pour hot drinks so that you do not spill them on yourself. Also, do not distract flight attendants while they are trying to do their job.

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