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Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor trailers are also known as semi-trailer trucks and these trucks are often used in transporting many tons of commercial or retail products. Tractor trailers consist of two parts: the trailer carrying the freight and the tractor or cab where the driver sits. Due to their sheer size, tractor trailers can cause fatalities and very serious injuries in an accident. In a pedestrian accident, pedestrians stand no chance against the size of the tractor trailer. In a car accident involving an tractor trailer, the car and all occupants can easily be crushed flat by the truck.

1) The tractor and trailer are separate units. If the two are not attached properly and if the tractor and the trailer are not kept in good condition, the two parts can become unattached, causing massive damage as the packed trailer careens through traffic.

2) Tractor trailers carry many tons of products. Tractor trailers can carry tens of thousands of pounds of material, and the sheer weight can easily flatten a car or smaller truck. The heavier load can also make tractor trailers more difficult to control, as these trucks take longer to stop and speed up more on downhill slopes.

3) Tractor trailers carry many kinds of products, including hazardous products. Some tractor trailers carry hazardous materials, flammable materials, toxic chemicals, or even explosives. If these potentially dangerous materials are not correctly stored and attached, they can cause explosions, fires, and other hazards on public roads and highways.

4) Tractor trailers require additional training and expertise to operate. In the US, drivers of tractor trailers must be at least 18 years of age and must possess a valid Class A commercial driver’s license. To get this license, drivers must get additional training to learn how to operate a tractor trailer. An inexperienced or unqualified driver can easily make mistakes on the road or lose control of the truck, causing serious injuries and fatalities.

5) Fully loaded tractor trailers are unwieldy. Large tractor trailers make wide turns, take a long time to stop and can be more difficult to control. Making mistakes with a tractor trailer is easy and can have dire consequences. Driver fatigue, mechanical problems, driver inattention, and small driver errors can result in tragedy simply because tractor trailers require more focus to drive.