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Truck Accidents Cause Florida Spinal Cord Injuries

Florida truck accidents can cause spinal cord injuries. Often, this is caused when a car collides with a truck and the passengers of the passenger vehicle are thrown violently in the interior of the car. This can cause extreme trauma to the spinal cord. If an injury results, it can lead to paralysis, reduced motor skills, and related problems
Florida spinal cord injury patients who have sustained their injury in a traffic accident face a host of problems:

1) Physical issues. Recovery from a spinal cord injury is physically daunting. This type of injury can mean extreme pain as well as permanent injuries which affect a person’s ability to live and work the way they did before their accident.

2) Emotional problems. Serious spinal cord injuries can cause frustration, anger, stress, grief, and a host of other problems. If the injuries are permanent, especially, it can be difficult to avoid depression. Patients with serious spinal cord injuries have higher rates of substance abuse and relationship problems than the general population, according to some studies.

3) Financial challenges. A permanent spinal cord injury can require millions of dollars to treat or manage, since patients often need rehabilitation, an income, renovations to make their homes accessible, and a lifetime of full-time care in many cases. In many cases, however, insurance only covers a small fraction of costs, leaving the patient with no income and high bills.

A good Florida personal injury attorney is often needed to get the best possible recovery for a patient. A good attorney can negotiate for a good settlement from all liable parties. This can help cover the best possible care as well as counseling and therapy, allowing a patient to live the fullest possible life after their accident.

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