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Truck T-Bone Accidents in Hollywood and Florida

A T-Bone car accident or truck accident in Hollywood is an accident where a truck hits the side doors of your vehicle. These types of accidents tend to take place in busy intersections after a truck driver has driven through a red light or has failed to stop at a stop sign.

These types of accidents tend to be catastrophic. The size and force of a truck can literally break through your side door so that the truck crushes everyone inside. The flying glass in this impact can cause scarring and eye injuries. Even if you have side impact airbags, they will not often do much to prevent serious and even fatal injuries in this type of truck accident.


There are many reasons why these types of truck and car accidents happen:

•A truck driver may fall asleep at the wheel and run a red light or a stop sign
•A truck driver may be speeding and may be unable to stop in time when he or she gets to an intersection
•A truck driver may be distracted and not notice the intersection
•A truck driver may fail to yield right of way
•A truck driver may be inebriated or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and may not realize that he or she needs to stop
•A truck driver may run a red light or stop sign due to impatience, road rage, or some other cause
•The truck driver may have a medical emergency and lose control of the vehicle
•Brake failure may be the cause
Who is liable in your injuries after a side-impact accident involving a truck? The driver of the vehicle that hit you is the one primarily liable in many cases. You can pursue them and their insurance company through a legal claim. However, if your car did not provide a high standard of protection in the crash, you may also have a product liability claim in Hollywood against the manufacturer. The motor carrier or truck driver may be held liable if the driver was driving fatigued or if the truck was not in good repair.

If the accident happened at a high collision intersection, poor road design or poor road maintenance may have played a role, and the people responsible for maintaining the roads or designing roads in the area may also be held partly liable. You may in fact have many legal options after your accident, so you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community in order to review all the possibilities.

If you would like to know more about liable parties in your case or would like to know how much your case may be worth, contact the Flaxman Law Group to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation to review your legal options. Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to more compensation than you realize for lost income, medical bills, property damage, and other damages you may have sustained in the crash.