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Trucking Accidents Cause Trauma and Personal Injury

Trucking accidents often cause a great deal of suffering, personal injury, and property damage. Due to the size of most commercial trucks, a trucking accident involving such a vehicle often leads to fatalities, serious brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, permanent disability, amputation, and other serious injuries. As well, property damage is a common occurrence in trucking accidents. In many cases, when a car accident involves a truck, the passenger vehicle in the collision may be completely destroyed. A trucking accident may also cause serious damage to roads and roadside property.

Long after an accident has taken place and injuries from the accident have been treated, however, emotional trauma can continue. When we talk of trucking accidents, we often speak of the physical damage, personal injuries, and physical effects of the accident. However, the emotional scars of the accident can last as long and can be just as devastating. There are many effects of emotional trauma:

1) Difficulty driving. Survivors who have been in a trucking accident may have a hard time getting back behind the wheel. They may feel anxious or fearful of driving again, worried that they may be in another accident. Both truck drivers and passenger car drivers may experience difficulties resuming driving and may worry about their role in an accident. Some survivors even have trouble being in any moving vehicle after a truck accident, experiencing motion sickness and panic.

2) Anxiety, fear, and stress. Many people experience severe stress and fear after an accident. This may cause insomnia, difficulties in concentrating, and other related symptoms. Some survivors of a trucking accident experience panic attacks or nightmares as a result of their fears.

3) Anger. Many survivors of trucking accidents experience deep anger as a result of their accident. They may blame themselves or someone else who they think has caused the accident. They may be frustrated and angry that they have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident. Even non-fatal trucking accidents often precipitate trauma and grief, and anger is a part of the grieving process.

4) Social problems resulting from an injury. Some survivors of trucking accidents have a hard time with their relationships after their accident. If someone has sustained a serious injury, this might be a very isolating experience, as the victim spends considerable time in the hospital away from usual activities. Many victims also experience a roller coaster ride of emotions after an accident and these emotions can put a strain on relationships.