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Trucks Reduce Visibility on the Road, and This Can Lead to Car and Trucking Accidents

Trucks are large vehicles and often take up a great deal of room. As a result, they can block your view of the road and upcoming dangers, and this can make it harder for you to avoid an accident. Trucking accidents can lead to serious personal injuries and even fatalities, so you will want to improve your visibility in order to stay safer. Here’s how:

1) Stay back. Give trucks extra room. Tailgating trucks is extremely dangerous, since you will not have enough time to stop if the truck brakes suddenly. If a truck is following too close behind you, the truck may not have time to stop if you have to brake suddenly. Keep in mind, too, that if you are behind a truck, you may not be able to see obstacles ahead. Give yourself plenty of room so that you can anticipate and see problems.

2) Avoid passing a truck if you’re not sure what’s ahead. If you can’t see what’s around a truck, don’t pass unless you are sure you know what’s ahead. If a truck stops and you want to pass, for example, you could cause a pedestrian accident if the truck has stopped for a pedestrian and you charge ahead, not seeing the person crossing the road.

3) Use extra caution at night and in poor weather. When visibility is already poor, trucks can block your view to a dangerous extent. In addition, in poor weather conditions, trucks may have a harder time stopping. Giving yourself extra room can help you in these conditions.

4) Be wary of truck lights at night. Since trucks are higher, their headlights may shine directly into your eyes, making it hard to see. Try driving in another lane or pull over until a truck passes so that you can see properly.

5) Slow down and drop back in dangerous conditions where you need greater visibility. If you are passing through a construction zone or a school zone, for example, poor visibility caused by trucks can be deadly. A pedestrian can easily emerge seemingly out of no where. Stay well back so that your visibility stays good.