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Unsafe Lithium-Ion Batteries Cause Devastating Injuries

According to the Consumer Safety Product Commission, more than 25,000 lithium battery incidents were reported between 2012-2017, where customers reported fires, overheating, and other hazards. As lithium-ion batteries are so common in everything from laptops and phones to electric scooters, experts forecast that battery-related injuries may increase.

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If you suffer burns, facial injuries, or any other serious injury as a result of a faulty lithium battery, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a South Florida or Colorado injury lawyer. Our family-based team is here for you when you’re facing a devastating injury and in a free consultation we can answer your questions so you understand any legal options you may have.

Why Do Lithium Battery Injuries Happen?

While lithium-ion batteries are generally quite safe, there are a few situations where they are more likely to cause injury:

  • When they are poorly designed or made by unsafe manufacturers.
  • When they become damaged.
  • When they’re not used, stored, or charged according to a manufacturer’s directions.
  • When they’re incorrectly disposed of.

How Can I Avoid Injury?

Experts recommend a number of ways you can use lithium-ion batteries safely:

  • Buy safe batteries and devices. When you buy any electronic device or lithium-ion battery, look for the UL symbol or other indications that the product has been certified and tested by an internationally recognized organization.
  • Stay aware. Always check for recalls to make sure your devices haven’t been affected. If an electronic device you use has been recalled, make sure you get the device replaced or repaired to stay safe.
  • Charge safely. Never overcharge batteries or leave them charging unattended or overnight. Always charge them in accordance with manufacturer instructions, using the correct charger.
  • Dispose of batteries correctly. Take them to a drop-off location in your community. Lithium batteries should never go in the trash, because the process of compacting trash can cause the batteries to light on fire or explode.
  • Store with care. Never keep lithium batteries anywhere near flammable materials or in any location where they’ll be exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, or moisture.
  • Check your batteries regularly. You’re looking for any signs of dangerous wear and tear. If a battery is making strange noises, smells strange, is overly hot, or shows obvious signs of damage, don’t use the battery. If you notice smoke, your battery may be in danger of overheating or catching on fire.

Do I Have a Products Liability Claim?

In South Florida and in Colorado, if you’re injured by an unsafe product, you may have the legal right to file a claim and seek compensation for your losses. These losses can include medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

The trouble is that proving fault can be complicated in these cases. With the global supply chain, a battery will likely be made overseas and imported and then sold by other companies. It can become difficult to know who is to blame for a poorly-made device and to pursue them.

If you’re seriously injured, keep the battery if you can, and any packaging that came with the device. As soon as you’re able to, contact Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626 to arrange a free consultation with a South Florida or Colorado injury claims attorney. Our offices in Hollywood, Miami, Homestead, and even Denver are here for anyone who has been injured in Florida or Colorado.

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