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Walking Safety to Reduce Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a great exercise, especially at this time of year, with the leaves out and beautiful fall weather to enjoy. Many pedestrians are enjoying heading out onto walking trails and streets in order to enjoy exercise. Walking in fact provides a great low-impact exercise that can help improve your overall health. Each year, however, pedestrians are injured or even killed in Florida pedestrian accidents. You want to ensure that your walks improve your health, rather than jeopardize it. To avoid becoming the victim of a pedestrian accident, make sure that you:

1) Choose your walking paths carefully. The best place to walk is in a park or along specially designated walking trails, if your area has them. These provide the highest level of safety as they keep you far away from cars and reduce the chance of your being in a Florida pedestrian accident. If there are no walking trails in your area, use sidewalks. If no sidewalks are available, walk along the shoulder of the road, as far from traffic as possible.

2) Walk with friends. Walking with friends ensures that there is someone to call for help if you are injured or suddenly feel ill. Walking with a friend also motivates you to walk more regularly and can make you more visible as a group. A buddy system can also help keep you safer from crime. If you don’t know anyone in your area to walk with, consider joining a walking or hiking club or group.

3) Stay visible. If you are walking in the evenings, early mornings, or at dusk, wear light-colored clothing with reflective tape on it that will show up easily for drivers. Bring a flashlight. This is especially important if you will be walking in any areas shared with cars.

4) Avoid distractions. Listening to music on headphones, texting, or talking on your cell phone distracts you, making you more likely to fall victim to a Florida slip and fall accident or more likely to walk in front of traffic. Staying distraction-free allows you to notice any potential dangers around you and to respond adequately.

5) Talk to your doctor before starting a walking regimen. While walking is a low-impact exercise that is safe and appropriate for many people, it is a good idea to discuss your health goals and your overall condition with your doctor before embarking on any exercise routine.

6) Choose appropriate walking clothes. Opt for sturdy, comfortable shoes that fit well and comfortable walking clothes. Incorrectly clothing and shoes can make it more likely that you will fall.

If you are injured in a Florida pedestrian accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your case. Pedestrian accidents involving a car are usually very serious and can affect your life and your ability to exercise for many years to come. The experienced pedestrian accident attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group can help you get the facts about your legal rights and options, so you can take the steps necessary to safeguard your future. With law offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood, the Flaxman Law Group is proud to serve the entire South Florida community.